Dr. Felix Flesch, born 1984, winemaker


"Wine is more than enjoyment. To please wine lovers with delicious tasty wines is just one of my motivations!"


 Because wine can do much more.


The concept of VinVin combines consumption with climate protection. Two generally contradictory facts. However, my experience in viniculture pooled with the knowledge in environmental business lead to a viniculture oriented by the need for climate protection.


Cheers to our climate!

Otmar Wagner, born 1955, winemaker


"Tradition and experience are the base for innovation. Viniculture does not have to be newly invented but it must be further developed."


The combination of quality and climate protection - that is VinVin.


The winemaker contributes to the concept of VinVin with 40 years of experience and know-how.


To your health!